In June 2000, a sequel to a game that was essentially the first of its kind was released: Diablo II.

Diablo II, which was more ambitious, beautiful, and complete than its predecessor, quickly became a benchmark that millions of loot addicts have been practicing for years.21 years later, Blizzard has resurrected Diablo II with the help of its fanatical title. Its name is appropriate.






Let's get one thing straight: Diablo 2: Resurrection is not strictly a remake, but it can be considered a "luxurious remake."It was the Vicarious Vision Studio, which was in charge of the development and has since been acquired by Blizzard, that solved the form problem, but only to a limited extent with regard to the substance. New hero classes, new skills, and even additional performances are among the features that will be absent from Diablo II Resurrection. In terms of content, the game includes all of the Diablo II and Lord of Destruction expansion packs that were released in 2001, a total of 5 acts and 7 character categories (Barbarian, Witch, Amazon, Paladin, Druid, Assassin, and Necromancer), as well as the original Diablo II game. There will be no more or less. Even if this content is still very impressive in 2021, we will not object to the inclusion of a little bunny in order to establish Diablo II as a benchmark for hack and slash.

The states, abilities, and characteristics of your D2R Items PC vary. Enchanting allows you to transform ordinary (white) items into rare (yellow) items. Rings, jewelry, and amulets, on the other hand, are not affected by enchanting and remain unharmed.









The developers, on the other hand, concentrated on one important aspect: a comprehensive visual overhaul that was both visually stunning and respectful of the original materials. Every landscape, every wall, every statue, and every item on the table in Diablo II Resurrection has been meticulously reworked in 3D, with visual effects that are still relevant in 2021. No, we are not referring to the large number of monsters, NPCs, and all animations, which are all smoother than ever before. The use of a wonderful keyboard or joystick shortcut allows you to switch to traditional mode, and thus to Diablo II in 2000, in order to better accomplish the amazing work that is being done. Although there is a significant visual gap, we were able to recognize the direction immediately, and the original art was perfectly preserved.

Take the chance to experiment with the controller!

Another very important aspect of this luxurious remake is that the grip has been redesigned to ensure that it remains attached to the controller while playing. Remember that this game has been released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox series, and Nintendo Switch. You will find an interface that is very similar to the original game, but with some welcome improvements such as automatic collection of gold coins (yay! ), a clearer and more specific talent tree, or a larger capacity when playing on the PC with the mouse.