The biggest attraction for returning players in the FIFA series is the ultimate mode. The reveal of player ratings in this mode is what fans talk about every year. The FIFA 22 numbers have been leaked.

EA will grandly unveil the list of the 100 highest-rated players in this mode at the beginning of each new Ultimate Team season.

Among the FUT 22 Coins communities, they also sparked a lot of debate. The focus of the fans' debate is who has been promoted too much or who has been struggling to finish.

The score of the new FUT Hero card that has been confirmed allows us to get a glimpse of a new leak. In the latest score refresh, we can see the performance of more of the best players in the world. Included here are all the first teams of Manchester United.

On TikTok, players can enjoy the offer of trader Mavzfut. In this game, a large part of the most popular players can announce their overall FIFA 22 player ratings through a series of short videos.

In FIFA 21, the rankings of Kylian Mbappe and Robert Lewandowski have increased by two places. But we can also see that the rankings of Neymar Jr. and Sadio Mane have dropped.

The leaker did not stop there. Each player showed their overall score after experiencing the trouble of showing 11 Manchester United starting players. The newly signed Jaden Sancho and Rafael Varane made the team's evaluation significantly higher than last year.

Fans can see this year's ultimate team mode. Hardcore fans are also excited about the series announced by EA. In the near future, as the public beta progresses, we can see the official FIFA 22 player ratings. Players can find online stores that sell FIFA 22 Coins through Google. I know that players will consider the price of FIFA 22 Coins, so I hope they can choose Buy FIFA 22 Coins UTnice.