Aaron Rodgers currently sits at a 95 overall rating in Madden 22. He's currently the 3rd highest-rated quarterback in the game Mut 23 Coins. However, the fact that Tom Brady retiring, he could be the second best rated QB in Madden 23. Since he's the league's MVP It's possible that he'll become the highest-rated quarterback.

The Green Bay Packers have gone 39-10 the last three seasons. A large part of their success is due to the work of Rodgers. Of course, his popularity relies on his association with receiver Davante A Adams, who is a part of the Madden 99 Club. With Rodgers remaining at Green Bay, it will be interesting to discover what Davante Adams decides to do.

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The return of Rodgers and maybe Adams, the Green Bay Packers will likely remain a fan-favorite team to compete with in Madden for the foreseeable future. With Rodgers having reached 38 years old age, it is safe to imagine that this will be the final contract Aaron Rodgers signs in his NFL career. The end of the new extension of his contract, Rodgers will be 42 years old. of age.


Electronic Arts announced Tuesday that the game scheduled for this fall FIFA 23 game will become the final title over a period of nearly 30 years of carrying the branding of the governing body for world football. Beginning in July 2023 EA Sports' soccer flagship will be named EA Sports FC.

"The introduction of EA SPORTS FC will not alter any current EA Sports global football games as well as EA as well as FIFA are excited to bring you the largest, most expansive EA SPORTS FIFA ever in the fall of this year," EA said in the statement Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins. "Our final FIFA version will also contain more game modes as well as teams, features, leagues, players, and competitions than in any previous edition."